Shertrans is an entity of the Sherlook Group, which offers the following transport services:

  • moving apartments, businesses and offices;
  • transportation of furniture, transportation of glass;
  • packaging, storage of goods and furniture;
  • relocation of apartments.
We specialize in the relocation of flats as well as companies and offices.

Shertrans removal services

Within the housing market, a service has been developed to move the property. Removal services are mainly used when moving on one's own is too time-consuming or involves numerous obstacles, such as lack of a suitable car or lack of time. The use of such services is also recommended to all those who value comfort and convenience.

It is certainly worth considering the choice of such a company, as the contact of strangers with sometimes the whole of our lives is at stake. Shertrans enjoys the trust of customers in this field. We start every move from the preparation of a detailed action plan, the order of packing the property, securing the transported materials, to unpacking and assembly.

We carry out flats and removals of companies and offices.

Domestic removals

We offer transportation of property to every city in Poland. The price of removal services depends on the number of items transported and the number of kilometres we have to cover. We provide removals with insurance.

Furniture transport

The most frequently transported items are furniture. We make every effort to maintain a high standard of protection of furniture, equipment and glass during transport. We use for packing the best quality materials such as films, nets or foams, which protect sensitive elements of furniture from damage.

We pay attention to the edges and edges of furniture, which are most susceptible to damage during transport. We attach great importance to ensuring that your items are protected in the best way.

Our drivers are trained and avoid sudden braking, and when choosing a route, they follow the quality of the surface to limit shocks. Our cars are equipped with a number of safety features to minimize vulnerability to damage.

Glass transport

The transport of glass is particularly difficult due to the brittleness of the material. But the experience of our drivers, careful packing and stabilization of the load during transport make our service always failure-free.



The guarantee of successful transport is proper packing of the transported materials. Therefore, it is important how and in what we pack your items.

When securing glass, porcelain or porcelain items that are susceptible to damage or breakage, we use foams, bubble wraps and soft fabrics that protect the items from mechanical damage.
When transporting furniture, we properly protect each element, paying special attention to edges and places susceptible to damage.
We ensure that during the move your property will be delivered to the indicated address in an intact condition.

Storage of things and furniture

If you can't transport all your belongings during the move and you don't have anything to do with some of them, we suggest using a storage room. Here you can safely store your belongings for a certain period of time.

Prices for this service are competitive, and if the storage service is one of several of our services, you can count on a special, cost-optimized offer. 

Library removals

Moving libraries is a particular challenge. They require a slightly different approach to the whole process and special care during packaging.

We offer comprehensive activities related to library removals. We deal with the transport of furniture, equipment and books. In addition to appropriate security measures, such as choosing the right material to secure books, we pay special attention to ensure that unpacking and arranging the titles in the new library goes smoothly and quickly.

Therefore, the books are catalogued by us and then packed according to the established rules. When transporting books, we observe all precautionary rules and the volumes entrusted to us are safe and arrive at the new place intact.

We have prepared a special offer for libraries. Contact us and get to know the details!

Relocations of the Apartments

Technological development and greater mobility of the society due to the place of work have made relocations of flats more frequent.

We offer comprehensive national services related to relocation. We will plan the relocation, pack your things and transport everything to a new destination. We are aware of the fact that the change of place of residence brings with it a lot of concerns, so we want to support you with our statement at this time.

With us, the location process will run smoothly and quickly.
We can also take care of the liquidation of flats, and we support evictions of flats and residential buildings.


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