Sherbud is an entity from the SHERLOOK group that offers a full range of services in the field of general construction.

We implement projects in the field of general contracting of public buildings, commercial, industrial, residential and sports facilities.

We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the construction process. 

General contracting

As a general contractor, we are responsible for coordinating all construction work, such as:
  • purchase of selected finishing materials;
  • transportation of materials for the investment;
  • coordination of the work of the finishing crews;
  • cost control;
  • monitoring and reporting on the course of work;
  • coordination of suppliers' activities and keeping an eye on the timely delivery.
Our subcontractors have been working for us for many years, so the communication in the field of finishing works is extremely efficient. Moreover, many years of experience in the industry and the trust our associates and contractors place in us, allow us to maintain attractive prices.
By entrusting us with your property, you can be sure that we will complete the project on time, not exceeding the budget.

Construction supervision

We conduct construction supervision aimed at checking whether the construction of the facility complies with the provisions of the Polish Construction Law and the rules of occupational health and safety.
Our audits also serve the purpose of ongoing detection of possible irregularities during construction, such as using inappropriate materials or overpricing by the contractor.
Comprehensive construction supervision includes:
  • technical supervision - thanks to us you have a guarantee that the facility will be built in accordance with the restrictive guidelines of Polish construction law and the technical documentation and building permit;
  • cost supervision - we are aware that a construction project may include various sources of financing and be based on cooperation with many suppliers and contractors. Our employees make current and complete records of contractors' work and payments. All reports are always available for the client to view;
  • Health and Safety Supervision - our services also include supervision of employee safety in accordance with the guidelines of the Construction Law and Labour Code.


Investment management

Managing a construction project is a complex and multi-stage process, requiring specialist knowledge and skills. By putting the project in our hands, you can be sure that all the responsibilities associated with the project will be fulfilled. And these are among others:
  • obtaining a building permit;
  • preparation of a cost estimate and schedule;
  • control of implementation at all stages;
  • acceptance of the investment;
  • legal and financial issues;
  • official matters.

Interior finishing

Buying real estate is certainly one of the most important moments in everyone's life. Whether it's a spacious apartment, a small studio apartment or a detached house, we want the interior to be a place where we immediately feel at home.
We listen carefully to what you have to say to us. Because working on an interior starts with getting to know the man - what he likes, how he spends his free time, how his day is organized, or has animals. 
After accepting the interior design and setting the budget, we start working. We purchase the agreed materials for you, and the renovation crews do the finishing work. We ensure constant supervision of the project, we inform about the completed stages and monitor the budget.
Our work is a balanced mix of many years of experience, unconventional thinking and your ideas.
Regardless of whether you are looking for a company that will only close the project by painting the walls or take care of a complex interior design, our team is at your disposal.
We also carry out commercial projects. Our solutions for commercial premises are innovative and cost optimized.

It is not the interiors that finish us, we finish the interiors!


Legal services

We provide comprehensive legal services for investment processes. We prepare contracts for the provision of construction works and provide assistance in obtaining the required administrative decisions before administrative bodies. In addition, we provide legal assistance in activities concerning the establishment of development conditions, obtaining a building permit, as well as in planning and spatial development.
We also provide support in matters related to water law and environmental protection law. We assist our clients in negotiations related to the conclusion of agreements, we provide advisory assistance at the stage of pre-litigation disputes, as well as during court proceedings. This includes advising and representing clients in connection with improper performance of contracts.
We assist both in large investments carried out by business entities and those planned by individuals.

Red Button

Have you arranged for a small overhaul with a specialist - e.g. replacing the hydraulic system or filling and painting walls? It was supposed to be cheap, fast and without any problems - at least that's what the contractor was saying when you were negotiating the contract. You set an end date, remuneration and scope of work, no one even thought about writing the contract. Meanwhile, the agreed date is long gone, the apartment is a mess, the quality of work leaves a lot to be desired, and the "professional" does not answer the phone.
Sound familiar? Contact us and we will help you solve all your problems, starting with the repair work.
We invite you to contact us:
phone: +48 22 350 75 48
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